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Aluminium Tile Trims

Curved Tile Trims

Curved trims create the perfect finish to any tiling project so it is important that they are manufactured to the highest standards ensuring they enhance the décor.
Our comprehensive range of trims are made from ‘Bright Trim’ aluminium alloy. This gives our trims a quality appreciated by installers and clients alike and because we anodise and manufacture our trims here in the UK, you know you are dealing directly with the manufacturer, and we know you are getting the highest quality
product every time.

Box Trims

Box trim with its square profile gives a unique look to any tiling project. It can be used as an edging, as a border to break up mass runs of tiles or to give a clean finish around windows and openings.


Listellos are used as a decorative border to break up a run of tiles and enhance the overall look; a Listello border needs to be of the highest quality to compliment the tiles and not detract from them.
Classico Listellos are manufactured to the highest standard and anodised to 5 microns ensuring they will maintain their lustre and enhance the tiles for a long time to come. Like the Tile Trims, Listellos come in 2500mm lengths

Square Edge Tile Trims

Square edge trim can be used as a decorative finish to protect tiles from damage or as a Listello type border to break up a run of tiles.
Whatever the use, classico has the highest quality range of decorative square edge trims on the market, ideal for enhancing any home.

Worktop Tiling Strips

The Worktop Tiling Strip comes in 2 depths, 28mm or 38mm, both 3m in length, so it’s long enough to cover all standard worktops currently available in the market!
Once in place, the strip works as a tiling baton and allows for the easy removal and replacement of worktops and units.
This allows tiling to be completed quickly without fear of damaging expensive kitchen units.
This also means units can be fitted quickly after tiling, speeding up the whole process of fitting
or refitting kitchens.
The Worktop Tiling strip is a small addition that makes a big difference, coming in a variety of different colours and widths the tiling strip is both functional and attractive.

The full range can be seen in our on-line catalogue but includes:-

Curved Tile Trims to suit 6mm, 7.5mm, 9mm, 12mm and 15mm tiles
Square Edge Tile Trims to suit 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 15mm tiles.
Box Edge Trim to suit 9mm and 12mm tiles.
Plus a range of Listello trims.

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