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Aluminium Corner Joints

Worktop Aluminium Corner Joints

Worktop Corner Joints have been designed to perform a neat fill where the worktops meet at 90º

They are supplied in 28mm & 38mm depths, designed to suit 600mm wide worktops,
and are offered in a range of radii to suit all commercially available worktops being double
handed it is a simple job to cut them to size and fit.

Our Worktop Corner Joints are original supply to most of the Major Kitchen Manufacturers and are produced to a very high standard in either anodised or powder painted finishes; to meet the rigours of the modern kitchen. Lengths to suit wider worktops are available

Curved Tile Trim Corners

Our Corners are created from the same sections as the Curved Tile Trims.Tthis ensures a perfect fit at all times. Like the Tile Trims they are manufactured to the highest standards.

Box trim Corners

Box trim Corners Have been designed to give a perfect finish when using a box trim they can also be used in a corner configuration.


Square Edge Corner trims

Will be available shortly — Please ask.

The full range can be seen in our on-line catalogue but includes:-

Curved Tile Trims to suit 6mm, 7.5mm, 9mm, 12mm and 15mm tiles
Square Edge Tile Trims to suit 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 15mm tiles.
Box Edge Trim to suit 9mm and 12mm tiles.
Plus a range of Listello trims.

aluminium trims catalogue

For Tile Trims,  Tile Trim Corners, Listellos , Vent Grills ,Worktop Corner Joints , Worktop End Caps, Worktop Butt Joints - please use "Download Snelsons Catalogue" button above.