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Aluminium Trims and Extrusions

Aluminium trims and extrusions by Snelsons Ltd

aluminium trims Snelsons have been supplying bespoke Aluminium trims and sections to a variety of different industries and trades for well over 40 years.

Our years of experience working with Aluminium, have brought us the skill to develop a wide variety of products, using the appropriate alloys, to achieve the required standard in either the finish or complexity.

Our trims and sections have been used in and on:-

Gas & Electric Fire, Casinos, Oil Rigs, Lockers, Automotive, Domestic Appliances, Roofing, Showers, Wet Rooms, Bathrooms, Exterior Doors, Shelving Systems, Boat Building, Instrument Cases, Office Furniture, Kitchens, Leisure Industry, Bedrooms, Windows, Conservatories, Lighting, Security Systems, Weapon Systems, Flooring, Ventilation, Sports Equipment, Pharmaceutical Instruments, Point of Sale Displays, Network Systems, Catering, Mobile Stages, Signs. Display Systems, Air Freight Systems, Electronics, Waterproof Televisions, Railways, Computers, Road Transport Systems, NHS Equipment, Emergency Equipment for the Nuclear Industry.

As well as the bespoke trims, we also manufacture and stock an extensive range of Aluminium Tile Trims and Kitchen Worktop Trims


Our Tile Trims are regarded as the brightest and most reflective in the tiling industry, this is only achieved by using the highest quality Aluminium with, reputedly, the best supplier of brightening chemical.

The full range can be seen in our on-line catalogue but includes:-

Curved Tile Trims to suit 6mm, 7.5mm, 9mm, 12mm and 15mm tiles
Square Edge Tile Trims to suit 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 15mm tiles.
Box Edge Trim to suit 9mm and 12mm tiles.
Plus a range of Listello trims.

Our Kitchen Worktop Trims are, and have been used by all the Major Kitchen Manufacturers, Trade & DIY centres in the UK along with Kitchen Manufacturers and DIY superstores in Europe.

This extensive range of Kitchen Worktop trims, Corner Joints, End Caps and Butt Joints covers all 28mm to 65mm thick worktops with a variety of radii to match all available Kitchen Worktops. These too can be seen in our on-line catalogue.

Manufactured in the UK, we can promise that all our products are made to the highest standards set by the European Union, technically, environmentally and ethically. You can therefore have the confidence that you will not find better produced products anywhere else.

recycling aluminiumThere is no doubt that the environment is important to all of us, supplier, client and consumer alike. Today, more than ever, it is important that a brand can build its reputation on minimising the impact its products have on the environment.

All manufacturing produces bi-products; it is how you manage these that make the difference. If it is done poorly, with no regard to the environment, then this can impact on your brand in a negative way, if it is done correctly and monitored then your reputation can only be enhanced.

With Snelsons, you can be confident that all EU procedures are adhered to and all products are manufactured with minimal impact on the environment.



aluminium trims catalogue

For Tile Trims,  Tile Trim Corners, Listellos , Vent Grills ,Worktop Corner Joints , Worktop End Caps, Worktop Butt Joints - please use "Download Snelsons Catalogue" button above.


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